5 Brands We Love & You Will Too!

March 27, 2021

(In collaboration with Wherenwear)

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We can give you all the tips and tricks to join the sustainable world and do your bit – but which brand you trust and purchase from, now that’s going to take some research on your part too. But we make it easy for you, of course!

Spoilt for choice with an array of creative visionaries displaying their contribution to a sustainable planet, we’ve managed to pick out 5 favorites from the brands that have caught our eye till date.


Here are the 5 brands we love to follow on Instagram – and we know you will too!


Inspiring us with the #sustainablegoals of making handloom shirts and giving the master craftsmen and artisans their due – we’re in love with Bareek’s eye for quality loom-towns.

Calling themselves the flagbearers for handlooms, the brand explores every nook and corner of towns and districts like Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh), Murshidabad and Kalna (West Bengal) on the lookout for the best of khadi and cotton. As the name implies, Bareek is all about feel over flash, the older ‘simple’, the detailing and always, always substance!

Shop here: https://bareek.in/

Our favourite: The Gypsy Pouch // Burfi Ikat Nehru Collar

Haathi Chaap

Unconventional, bold, inventive and just the touch of crazy you’d like. Think – handmade paper, but more colourful and bacteria free!

Producing eco-friendly and recyclable paper out of elephant dung is where the inception of Haathi Chaap or Elephant Poo Paper took place.

Entrepreneur Mahima Mehra came up with this brand to save our planet Earth by reducing deforestation, by making our childhood friends, the elephant, a useful ally in conserving the environment. Definitely a perceptive shift for us all.

Shop here: https://elephantpoopaper.com/

Our favourite: Journals // Gift tags

Chamar Studio

Redefining the way one sees the leather proficient community to inspiring eco-friendly fashion, Sudheer Rajbhar launched this sustainable platform for the talented Dalit artisans the world was oblivious to.

Chamar, a word primarily used as an expletive, was given a new meaning when Chamar Studio showcased the beautiful bags recycled from rubber tyres at Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. What’s more – the bags were filled with lost belongings found in Dharavi’s slums.

Go for this one, if you truly want to make a difference to save our planet and people.

Shop here: https://chamarstudio.com/

Our favourite: The Bombay Black


Born in the ‘land of coconuts’, the brand brings something new to the table with coconuts and bacterial cellulose and the finished product looking like a magical creation or design. Trust us – you wouldn’t even know it’s made from bio materials (or malai!) if you saw it.

Malai is what happens when a product mastermind from Kerala and a creative designer from Slovakia join their hands to build their contribution to a sustainable world.

Shop here: http://made-from-malai.com/

Our favourite: Playbags // Coin pouches


If you’re looking for something fashionable, practical, cruelty-free and eco-friendly all together – this brand is your one-stop-shop to look AND feel good about what you’re wearing.

Arture – a beautiful amalgamation of art and nature – is a 100% natural cork fabrics brand with PETA-approved Vegan certification. With a prime focus on minimalism, functionality and sustainability, Arture is all about quality and durability.

This story of Bark-to-Bag is surely one for the books!

Shop here: https://myarture.com/

Our favourite: Ivette Coin Pouch // Cedar Passport Sleeve

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